11 Day Reading Challenge Update

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.35.25 AMI am currently writing this post on Day 6 of my 11 Day Reading Challenge.  If you missed my initial post about this challenge here is the deal: I am challenging myself to read for 1 hour every day for 11 days.  Reading is something I always wish I did more of, but never quite find the time to fit into my day.  The stats on people that read are insane.  It can reudce stress, make you smarter, maker you richer (seriously, people that read have higher incomes!!), make you a better writer, and more (stats and head image).

I am more than half way through these 11 days and I can already say that I am so happy I am doing this challenge.  Although I will do an in depth overview of the challenge at the end, I wanted to check in half way through about how it has been going so far.  One thing I can say is that reading is kind of like writing for me.  There is quote that goes- (I think by Hemingway but could be totally off and I’m sorry I don’t really want to google it right now), “I hate to write but love to have written.”  With reading its been a slightly similar idea.  I’ve found that getting to the moment when I actually get off my computer or turn away from whatever I’m doing to sit down and read is actually really tough to do.  Yesterday, for example, I put off reading until 11:30 pm.  This was not directly intentional because deep down I do want to put in my hour of reading every day, but it was just so easy to find distractions!  For me the biggest things that distract me from reading is definitely my computer.  It’s so easy for me to get on this thing and then lose an hour or two of my day.  I’m not very proud of that fact but I’m trying to be as honest as I can be on this blog.

To make sure I’m getting in an hour each day I’ve been using a timer on my phone.  When I start reading I will start the countdown at 1 hour.  It’s been a great tool to use because if I can only get 20 minutes in in the morning I will just pause the timer when I am 20 minutes in, and then continue it later in the day when I find another opportunity to read.

This is crazy, but I have not read for one hour a day for five days in a row since like high school.  Maybe on and off throughout the past five years there might have been moments when I picked up an addicting book and read this much, but all I can say is that it has been awhile.  I love that while I’m reading I don’t check my phone.  I also love the satisfaction that comes from reading because although not instant, it is a quieter but more profound satisfaction.  The stories really come alive in your mind and you kind of become a part of the characters because they are literally in your mind, so when big events happen in the book it can really make you stop and think.

That is my jumbled Day 6 update.  I am enjoying this challenge, but have to say it is kind of hard some days to inspire myself to sit down and read.  However, Once I finally do open up my book and begin to read, the hour rolls by in the most relaxing way.  Now I’ve gotta go get in my 60 minutes!


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