That is the question I am asking.  I was walking home from work the other day listening to Pandora, when a certain song stopped me in my tracks.  It is called “Alaska” and it is by a girl named Maggie Rodgers.

Here it is:


It’s pretty spectacular.  The song reminds me a lot of what Sylvan Esso created on their album.  She also kind of reminds me of Lorde.  And Justin Vernon.  It’s an addicting/moving/beautiful song and I want more songs like it.

As soon as I got home I looked up Maggie Rodgers, and after googling her for about a half hour I have found more questions rather than answers.  To start, on first google it appears she only has one song.  Alaska is the only song featured on her Soundcloud.  Her twitter is active and clearly being written by her.  She has 13,000 followers and still has some tweets joking about potential fame, although I get the sense that her career is about to sky rocket ( I mean its the best song I’ve heard in a minute…) .  It turns out she has an older folk album.  A song from that album is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATfKhhk6tls

Here’s the weird thing though.  Why doesn’t she have more recent songs.  Apparently she is working with Pharrell.  I have NO CLUE how old she is.  For all I know she could be 16 or 35.  She clearly has talent so intrigued to know what is in store for her.

I’ve always been fascinated by the marketing that surrounds the introduction of a new “star”.  I remember when Lana Del Rey first entered the music scene there was an uproar in the press when people discovered that Lana Del Rey had attempted to become famous as a singer by a different name a few years prior.  People claimed she was lying about who she was, or that her new brand/image had been created by a marketing team and was therefor inauthentic.  But her albums sold, and today you hear more people praising her songs/brand rather than questioning it.  I also love the story behind Die Antwoord, especially the male rapper Ninja. His real name is Watkin Tudor Jones and he has spent his musical career taking on SEVERAL different acts/characters.  You can spend HOURS following Jones’ story without ever fully grasping who he is.  I get the sense that Maggie Rodgers is currently altering her brand/image to coincide with her introduction into pop culture.  I will be curious to learn more about her and watch her brand and image to flourish int he media as I expect it will within a year or two.





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