Fade Music Video Review

Kanye dropped the Fade video a few weeks ago but I’m still watching it.  It’s so addicting.  I figured I do a formal review of it.  Watch it below:

So a lot of the hype and talk about this video was that is was inspired by #PORN, specifically porn from the 70s and 80s.  But if you watch the film there isn’t a whole lot of actual sex in it (at least until the very end… but still it’s pretty PG-13 throughout the entire thing).  In an interview with the director of this video – Eli Russell Linnetz – (who happens to be 24 years old, it’s casual and totally not making me reevaluate my own life), he said that a lot of the Porn inspiration is seen in the oily skin textures rather than the imagery.

I’m not a fan of music videos that degrade women.  Therefore when I first heard that this music video was inspired by porn I basically felt emotions equivalent to this emoji- :/

HOWEVER when I watched it I was really stoked/alittlesurprised to find that (in my opinion) this video was fucking empowering for women (and humans in general, cause we are all one #zenmoment).  Teyana Taylor is celebrating her body, her love, her womanhood, and her life in this video and when you watch it it’s like you’re doing the same.  Through her.

Supposedly a lot of this choreography was actually created for Beyonce (I forget where I read this and I’m sorry I don’t want to google it rn #definelazy) BUT if this is true it’s not surprising.  Taylor isn’t playing the role of “rap video girl” in the background.  She is front and center and she is owning that fact.  She’s not grinding on a rapper cause he has money, rather she’s seen hooking up with her partner, with whom she has a child.  This video may look like something else to people that don’t give it a chance, but I swear Kanye and Linnetz create a DOPE video that has actually made me appreciate this song more than I did on first listen without visuals.


So props to Linnets and props to Kanye for making something that looks totally retro and dated and yet groundbreaking all at the same time.  Truly a special and timeless video.




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