Tijuana Panthers @ The Empty Bottle

Photo source here– I couldn’t find the name of the photographer!!

Last night I watched the Tijuana Panthers play at The Empty Bottle.  I showed up around 9pm and the place was empty.  Even though The Empty Bottle always ends up filling up, there’s always that initial moment when you wonder if anyone is going to show.  I sat at the bar with a friend and we drank beer as people slowly started to roll in.  Up first was a local band called Dehd.  They have a drummer that can keep a good beat, but overall it was not my thing. Cafe Racer was up next and they brought some awesome story telling and energy.  Their two lead singers are fun to watch and overall it was a very enjoyable set.

Tijuana Panthers came through with their final performance.  They have an incredibly fun (and at times BEAUTIFUL) mix of beach/surf vibes with some rock and a touch of punk.  The show was filled with moments that sounded/felt very laid back and chill and then moments filled with tension.  They were are funny.  They played a song called Crew Cut, that’s an epic ode to the hairstyle.  Also they played another song where they sang about their privileged friends acting entitled about their money which played great because I think everyone in the room could both relate to the feeling of being annoyed with their friends who seemingly have more money, while at the same time knowing they they have been that friend that has been entitled.  Money is all relative.  The song was fantastic.

My favorite song that they performed was Prayer Knees.  This beauty of a track comes from the melody.  I enjoyed this song better live than I did off the album.  The melody and tempo flow like a roller coaster through ups and downs, and watching the band perform this was amazing because they more than pulled it off.  You know that when you stop to do the slightly (very) embarrassing act of pulling out your phone and filming a video for snapchat, that the moment must be a good one.  And it was.

The show last night has had me listening to Tijuana Panthers all morning.  If they ever come through town again I will be in the crowd.


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