Song of the Week

Let it go down in the books of history that during this fine fall week in late September 2016, I, Mona, have become a full blown Billy Joel fan.

And it is because of this song:

I feel like there are two Billy Joel “gateway” songs that can hook ya.  It’s either this one, Vienna, or Piano Man.  For myself it was Vienna (although Piano Man sure is a great tune). Obviously, like any legit Millennial, my first intro to this song was in the movie “13 Going on 30”.  At the end, when Jennifer Garner’s adult life comes crashing down, she returns home and curls up next to her parents in her childhood home.  This song plays over the movie montage and you are filled with nostalgia for childhood.  The lyrics of this song are so poignant.

Caution: Listening to this song may make you feel like everything actually is ok. It may make you start listening to every song Billy Joel has ever written because you are convinced he may hold the keys life.

And it may inspire you to file a leave of absence with your company, and go on a 6 week backpacking trip…. stay tuned 🙂




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