My Favorite Song From Bon Iver’s New Album

Justin Vernon is back and I’m happier than ever about it (pardon me I should actually say I’m happily sad about it cause that is the beautiful way his music makes feel :””) )

Can I just say that the first track he released was called “22 (Over S0000n)” (pretend those are infinity signs), came out like 2 weeks before I turned 23.  Very timely. 22 was indeed over soon.

or was it.

Also I’d like to point out the track names for this album.  I support them and was pleasantly surprised by their uniqueness BUT they lead to a lot of humourous moments when you are talking about your favorite songs off this album out loud.  For example for the previous track I mentioned above when you talk about it out loud do you say “22 Over Soon” OR “twenty two parenthesis over S infinity sign infinity sign N”.  It’s so hard to b kewl these days kids!


Anyways the entire is album is out and I’ve given it a listen a couple of times.  I’ve been impressed.  It’s a new direction for Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver project.  Some people are hating on the music a bit and claiming that its experimental crap pretending to be magical music.

But all I know is that it made me feel hopeful.  It made me feel scared.  During my first listen the songs folded there way around my soul and made me feel less alone in the uncertainty that is life and love.

I’m no Pitchfork but Justin would definitely get a hug from me for creating this album.

On first listen the song that stood out to me most was this one. 8 (circle).  Give it a listen and appreciate this great lyric video that comes with it!



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