Saint Pablo Tour at the United Center Review from The Cheap Seats

Hey y’all. I just got home from witnessing Kanye West perform his Saint Pablo Tour at the United Center in Chicago.  Here’s what I have to say:

He shows up late.  But it’s cool because you know he’s going to show up late.  That’s why my friend and I met up with a group at a bar down the street at 7:30 even though showtime was supposedly at 8.  We drank beer, talked about Kanye, worried that he might rant a lot about Kim and the jewelry heist, took tequila shots, and then rolled over to the United Center around 8:30.

Around 8:45 we were officially through the gates at the United Center.  The next step was merch.  From the start my eyes were on the mint green hoodie with red lettering exclaiming my attendance at this tour.  I’m gonna get real here: we waited in line for MORE THAN AN HOUR for this tour’s merch.  This wait was made better by beer but STILL.  I questioned my own humanity at mulitple points during this time, but since it genuinely felt like everyone was indeed waiting in line to overpay for shirts that would help us tell the world that we saw Kanye live, it felt OK.  Kanye actually started playing while we were 5 people away from the front of the line.  After so many minutes in line we couln’t leave.  I actually spent the first part of Kanyes show in line so I could spend 90 dollars on a sweatshirt.  #honest

After we got our merch we rushed to our seats and enjoyed an hour and forty five minutes of Kanye magic.


I saw Kanye on the Yeezus tour and I can tell you that the Saint Pablo tour is something entirely different.  Yeezus was a show and the main star was KANYE.  The lights were on Kanye at all times.  Jesus came out and talked to Kanye.  Kanye performed from a fake Iceberg.


The Saint Pablo tour is about the FANS.   It’s truly revolutionary.  For almost half the show the lights are only pointed towards fans!!!  There is no spotlight on Kanye.  He is not wearing designer masks.  He is not singing Hey Mama and crying on stage (as beautiful as that moment was four years ago).  He is there for the fans.


Kim was robbed just a few days ago and he didn’t mention it once.


He played everything the fans could have asked for (although I was a little bummed he did not play Hold My Liquor).

This show was about Kayne singing all his fucking majestic hits with his fans.  This show was about Kanye showing us all that he has done RATHER than telling us.

This show was real.  This show was lowkey.  This show was exactly what Kanye should be doing at this point in his career.  Also this show may lowkey may have permanently change the general dynamic of all concerts to come.  #floatingstage.

I was in the CHEAPSEATS but I felt like a million bucks.




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