Listening To


Starting a new series where I will fill you in on what I’ve been listening to this week music/podcast wise.

1.) It Ain’t Me

I am a big Selena Gomez fan.  I low-key didn’t become a Selena fan until I found out she had secretly gone to rehab like 3 times.  There is something about the disney star that becomes an adult hot mess that I can’t resist, probably because I relate to them?  Like I’m fairly certain that if I had happened to gain fame when I was FOURTEEN I would have most definitely gone to rehab for “exhaustion” at least twice by now? Right? Wouldn’t we all?  Anyways, Selena has been struggling but she’s also been SURVIVING.  To me this is what this song sounds like, Survival.  This is the song you want to be playing while you dance through life’s hardships.  This song is a combination of heartbreak and hope.  I also love that Kygo messes with Selena’s voice in a somewhat similar way to how Diplo and Skrillex messed with Bieber’s voice on “Where Are U Now”.  Try and not get addicted to this song, I dare you.

2.) Humble




It feels like just yesterday that I was trianing for my first half marathon blasting To Pimp a Butterfly in my ears.  Here we are a few years later.  Im more woke than ever, and more needy than ever for Kendrick’s RAW HONEST REAL visions about wtf is going on in our world right now.

His album has been desrcibed as feeling “very urgent”  THEN HURRY UP AND GET RELEASED is all I can say.

CAN’T WAIT.  Until then I’ll be playing at some point every day.

3.) S-TOWN

The producers of Serial are back with S Town.  FYI S stands for Shit.  Shit town.  This show dives into the shit of life, and finds some beauty along the way.  S Town throws you a curve ball early on.  Suddenly it becomes about something much more than a potential murder mystery.  Without giving too much away, this podcast addresses taboo subjects from bisexuality, loneliness, mental illness, to suicide.   If you happen to be a human being, I recommend you listen to this podcast.


Tavi is making a podcast everyone!!!!! The first episode features an amazing interview with Lorde.  Although this podcast is geared towards teenage listeners, I fully enjoyed it.  Everyone is still that lost 17 year old at heart right?  The highlight of the first episode for me was Lorde sharing a recording of the moment she and Jack Antnoff created the “hook” from her song Green Light. SO GOOD.


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